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St Louis Bankruptcy Attorney: Does My Employer Have To Know About My Bankruptcy?


Most of the time the answer to this question is no. If you were to file a Chapter 13, it is possible that your employer may know (if you choose to have the monthly payment deducted directly from your paycheck). But generally speaking, the only way anyone knows about your having filed for St Louis bankruptcy is if you tell them.

In a St Louis Chapter 13, a repayment plan is set up (that lasts between three (3) to five (5) years in length) during which certain debts are paid back (like mortgage arrearage, car loans, back child support, tax debt, etc.). One of the ways in which this plan payment can be made is by way of a Wage Order.

A ‘wage garnishment’ is involuntary (in other words, it occurs when some entity receives a judgment against you in court, and they send a Writ of Execution to Garnish Wages directly to your employer, and your employer has no choice but to follow the court order). On the other hand, a ‘wage order’ is voluntary arrangement that you enter into in which the court orders your payroll department to deduct the exact amount of your Ch13 repayment plan to the Bankruptcy Trustee.


If you choose the latter option for paying on your Ch13 plan, then it is possible that your employer would learn about your bankruptcy (unless you employer uses a payroll company that is off-site, and he or she does not concern themselves with such administrative matters).

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