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St Louis Bankruptcy: How Do I Get My Car Back If It’s Been Repossessed?


The best way to get a repo’ed car back is by filing a St Louis Chapter 13 bankruptcy. When this sort of bankruptcy is filed, then the car creditor has to give the car back, and you are put into a repayment plan to take care of the balance of the loan (along with other secured and priority debts that you owe). A more thorough explanation of the process is described below:

A Ch13 is described as a repayment plan over the course of three to five years. During this repayment plan, certain debts are paid back. These things would include outstanding balances on a car note, tax debt, back child support (if applicable), back mortgage payments, and sometimes a portion of your unsecured debts (like credit cards, medical bills, and payday loans).

If you file a Ch13 after your car has been repossessed (but before the creditor has resold the vehicle), then you can get the car back. Once the case is filed, our office would contact the car creditor and give them the case number of your bankruptcy petition. The creditor will then want to see proof of car insurance, and they will likely ask that the repo fees be paid, before they will release the vehicle.


The balance of your car note will be paid through the Ch13 repayment plan (but at an interest rate of 4.75%). And if you have other debts that need to be paid back as well, then we will make the monthly payment as low as possible (because it doesn’t make any sense for the payment to be any higher than it needs to be).

But the best way to learn how a St Louis bankruptcy works is to set an appointment with us!! We can answer all your questions, describe your full range of options, and help guide you through the entire process from start to finish!

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