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St Louis Bankruptcy Lawyer: Will Bankruptcy Take Care Of A Creditor Judgment Against Me?


Yes, it will. For instance, a St Louis Chapter 7 will discharge the debt associated with a creditor that had sued you. A description of how the process works is provided below (along with examples in which such a debt cannot be discharged):

Let’s say you have a credit card that goes delinquent after a period of time. The credit card holder will call you day and night, but eventually they will sue you for breach of contract (or hand it over to a debt collector who will also eventually sue you). Once the creditor receives a judgment against you, it can then turn around and garnish your wages, levy your bank accounts, and put liens against your property.

But if you were to file a St Louis bankruptcy, that debt will be taken care of completely (either by way of a complete discharge in a Ch7, or a consolidation plan in a St Louis Chapter 13). The filing of bankruptcy will stop the creditor’s efforts to move against you (which means that a potential wage garnishment would have to come a halt).

Are there scenarios in which a judgment by a creditor cannot be discharged? Yes, but really only one type of situation applies. Again let’s use the example above of a credit card. You stop making payments, and the creditor sues for breach of contract. But if you took out the credit card fraudulently (like if you used someone else’s Social Security number when you applied for the card), and the creditor received a judgment from the court that is based on fraud, then that judgment (and the underlying debt associated with it) cannot be discharged.


But the best way to figure out whether or not any judgments against you can be discharged is to set an appointment with us!! We will answer all your questions, thoroughly describe you range of options, and help guide you through the process from start to finish!

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