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Can a St. Louis Bankruptcy Lawyer Stop Repossession?


If you have fallen behind in car payments, chances are you are worried about the repo man coming for your car.

As a St. Louis bankruptcy attorney, I meet with a lot of individuals facing financial hardship. Many of these individuals have fallen behind on car payments and are living in fear of their vehicle being repossessed. They have been hiding the car in the garage or at a friend’s house, hoping to outsmart the repo man. This may work for a while, but eventually the repo man will catch up to you and one day your car will be gone.

How will you get to work without your car? If you cannot get to work, how will you make your rent or mortgage payment? Luckily, there is a solution.

Bankruptcy can stop repossession. Once a bankruptcy is filed, the automatic stay protects you from your creditors taking adverse action against you. If you are behind in car payments, a St. Louis Chapter 13 bankruptcy can protect you from the repo man while you get that car paid off over a period of three to five years. If fact, if your car has already been repossessed it may not be too late for an experienced St. Louis bankruptcy lawyer to help you get your car back.

The worst thing you can do is to wait and do nothing. Call a St. Louis bankruptcy attorney for a free consultation. Most Missouri bankruptcy lawyers offer free consultations and can give you information regarding a St. Louis Chapter 7 and St. Louis Chapter 13.

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