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What Should I Bring to My First Meeting With My Missouri Bankruptcy Attorney?


Once you make the decision that bankruptcy may be right for you, it is time to meet with an experienced St. Louis bankruptcy lawyer. Make the most of your face time with the attorney by being well prepared for the consultation. The more information you can provide to the bankruptcy attorney, the better their understanding of your situation will be. I advise my potential St. Louis bankruptcy clients to bring the following information/documentation to their free consultation.

  • Have a general idea of the type and amount of debt you owe. This information is crucial in determining which chapter of bankruptcy is right for you.
  • Bring a copy of your most recent paycheck stub. Bankruptcy requires full financial disclosure. The amount of money you make will determine which chapter(s) of bankruptcy you are eligible to file.
  • A copy of your most recently filed tax return can be helpful in determining income, and the Trustee will want a copy of it anyway so you may as well go ahead and bring it in.
  • Bring any important paperwork you may have received regarding lawsuits, foreclosure sale dates, and/or garnishments. These documents will have important information that an attorney needs to know in order to ensure that a bankruptcy filing is timely.
  • If you have ever been divorced, bring a copy of your divorce decree.
  • Finally, bring a list of questions you want to ask the attorney so that you don’t forget.
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