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St Louis Bankruptcy: How Does A Rich, Famous Celebrity End Up Filing For Bankruptcy?


Because like a lot of people, they simply spend more than they have (especially long after the good times have passed). And if you try and live a lifestyle that is outside of your means, then it eventually it will catch up with you. But this type of scenario is the exact same as almost every other person who files for bankruptcy (and they are certainly not famous!!)

Take for example a professional football player. He is paid large sums of money to play the game. While he is a star athlete, he will buy a big house, a nice car, and take out a great many credit cards. But then he gets hurt, has to retire before he wanted to, and now the money is no longer coming in. It seems like he is heading towards a rough time, but he figures that his endorsements will get him through (and he has been talking to some people about other business opportunities).

None of it pans out, and he falls deeper and deeper into debt. His creditors start hounding him day and night, his legal fees go through the roof, and his bank account is heading towards zero. Next thing you know, he is filing for bankruptcy.

Don’t feel sorry for him? He should have saved his money, right? Well, maybe so. But the set of facts described above is the same thing that happens to regular people all the time.


Let’s look at an example: a regular guy has a job making $80,000 per year. He has plenty to live on, can easily pay all his bills, and life is good. So he decides to buy that motorcycle he always wanted, he buys a house that is probably too pricey (but whatever, he’s making good money), and since he has enough to cover the monthly payments, he takes out a bunch of credit cards (so he purchase all the little toys that he wants).

But then his company downsizes, and his salary is cut. Then a few months later, he is let go. He takes out unemployment benefits, but those run out after a few months (and its nowhere near what he needs anyway). And the job market is so tight that he can’t find any other work (except for part-time gigs that hardly pay anything).

Even though his income has taken a severe hit, his creditors are still demanding monthly payments on the creditor cards, the bank still wants the mortgage payment to be made on time, and the holder of the note on the motorcycle is threatening to repossess the bike unless he can come current immediately.

In other words, he now finds himself in a situation in which he is trying to live beyond his means. At one point, he was able to make everything work. But now circumstances have changed. And he needs to start looking into the possibility of getting the debts discharged.

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